Award-Winning Quilts-Road To Ca Part 2

More of the 1st place quilts at Road To California Quilt Show in 2016
KarenSievert Shannah'sCameo  64"x64"  Winner of $1,500.00 for Excellence In Longarm Quilting:      "My daughter so-o-o wanted me to make a quilt and name it after her, so Shannah's Cameo was born. It is an original, silk whole cloth that is entirely free motion quilted. My hope is that my daughter will love and cherish the quilt as I love and cherish her!!" ShirleyGisi TechnicolorDeco  35"x56" Winner of $1,500.00 for Best Use of Color:  "The design and quilting utilize Art Deco, Mayan artifacts and traditional quilt squares as inspiration. Bright coloration and transparency bring these elements a contemporary feel." SusanStewart Argentum  17"x17"  Winner of $1,500.00 for Excellence In Machine Quilting: "Argentum" is the Latin word for silver, so I thought that was an appropriate name for this silver miniature! I used Robert Kaufman silk/cotton Radiance fabric for both the front and back, silver metallic thread for the machine embroidery (the satin stitch portions of the design were eliminated and only the outlines were stitched), wool batting, and Superior Kimono thread for quilting. The tiny, hand-appliqued bias tubes are about 1/8" wide." ElsieCampbell Elegance  80"x80"  Winner of $1,500.00 for Excellence in Hand Quilting: "Influenced by exquisite whole-cloth quilts that are part of the Henry F. duPont collection at Winterthur Museum, I designed and hand quilted this quilt. Eight years later, I completed this labor of love." JenniferEmry WinterGarden  52"x59" Winner of $1,000.00 for 1st Place: Art Abstract: "A dark puzzle, pieced by trial and error from a random selection of stripes and plaids, chambray and flannel; hand-quilted spiral circles add another layer of texture." ChristineAlexiou Bijou(Jewel)  36"x60" Winner of $1,000.00 for 1st Place: Art Critter: "Based on flowing, organic forms, Art Nouveau marked a period of artistic beauty not yet impacted by the events of WWI. I wanted to capture the aesthetic sensibility embraced by the movement that was lost with the advent of modern art and technology. I used silk to capture the enamel and patina of antique gold jewelry of the period." LindaAnderson MusicmanOfJaipur  45"x34" Winner of $1,000.00 for 1st Place: Art Human Image: "The internal joy and tranquilty of the musicman playing the sarangi is so palpable and compelling, I had to tell his story. The warmth of sound the instrument creates is clearly visible in his face as he plays." KarenMcCarty PlazaSanMartin  75"x56:  Winner of $1,000.00 for 1st Place: Art Naturescape: "Plaza San Martin is in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where we spent the first 3 months of 2015. I love how the promenade is completely shaded by the trees overhead. This quilt is a representation of a photo I took there. It is fused, raw-edge appliqued and machine quilted." LenoreCrawford SpanishArches  43"x58"  Winner of $1,000.00 for 1st Place: Art Pictorial: "This piece was inspired by photos I took in Spain. It was created using my raw edge fusing technique. Using many Stonehenge fabrics, by Northcott, gives it the realistic texture of real stones."
MollyHamilton-McNally MoonFlower  77"x77" Winner of $1,000.00 for 1st Place: Innovative, Large: "I love and admire the humble daisy. On Moonlit nights they seem to glow and have for centuries been referred to as moon flowers. On sunny summer days they happily grow like weeds over the dry hillsides and along the winding roadways. As I pass them each day, there they are, wild and tenacious despite the extreme drought, sharing with me their grand summer performance. The humble daisy what a spendid inspiration for my quilt." SandraNehlsen TributeToAntonioBencivenni  58"x58"  Winner of $1,000.00 for 1st Place: Innovative, Wall, Applique: "Love the Renaissance art of Italy and found a photo of an inlaid wood door in a church in Parma. Decided to recreate the image (central panel) with some modifications by turned-edge appliqué and then designed (original) a border to carry out the theme." Amazing that Antonio accomplished this in wood! BethMarkel SpringStorm  50"x55"  Winner of $1,000.00 for 1st Place: Innovative, Wall, Pieced: "I believe there are seasons in our lives. Spring happens when we’re young, a little wild, tempestuous, naïve, and turbulent…the beginning of growth. Evolution. Storms. Setbacks. More growth. Beauty. So stand back. No, literally, stand back! The only way to see the twister is to stand back a ways, then be slowly drawn into the joy that is every single decision, every single choice, and every single piece that together, tell a story." KumikoFrydl SilkRoad  18"x18" Winner of $1,000.00 for 1st Place: Miniature:  "I was inspired by the ancient trade route, "The Silk Road" which crossed China, India, Persia and Europe. It mixed cultures and most importantly for me, it spread colors, designs, textiles and motifs. The quilt depicts silkworm moths winding around the route and converging in the center. Whole cloth with shadow trapunto, using micro stippling & echo quilting for the background and machine embroidered on bindings." JodiRobinson Grandpa'sModelTwenty--1  60"x60"  Winner of $1,000.00 for 1st Place: Modern Negative Space:  "This original design, was inspired by a cool mid-century modern stereo system my grandfather had when I will little, called the Model 20. After finding a picture of me as a little girl, I knew right away that I needed to make a quilt based on it, to honor my grandfather. The quilt is constructed using piecing and invisible machine applique." RebeccaSmith ModernMedallion  78"x60"  Winner of $1,000.00 for 1st Place: Modern Piecing: "Sew Kind of Wonderful's interesting curved patterns and my collection of beautiful gradated fabrics, seemed to call out to each other. Mostly freehand quilted, small diamonds set and stitched with my Intelliquilter." JanetStone ThisOne'sFourEwe  86"x70"  Winner of $1,000.00 for 1st Place: Traditional, Large, Applique: "This is the first collaboration quilt by myself and my friend, Laurie Tigner. It is going to be the 2017 Houston IQA Raffle Quilt. I wanted to have some stars for Texas and pecan leaves, the state tree of Texas. Of course, I had to add a the alphabet and a few sheep, especially after learning Texas is the number one producer of sheep and wool in the country!" NormaIppolito SedonaStar  79"x79"  Winner of $1,000.00 for 1st Place: Traditional, Large, Other: "This quilt features a variety of construction techniques: piecing, raw edge applique, and embroidered applique with decorative stitching. Building from the center out, it became a three-year journey resulting in the most challenging quilt I have made and also the most rewarding." MarilynBadger Arandano  75"x75"  Winner of $1,000.00 for 1st Place: Traditional, Large, Pieced: "I began this quilt as something to do for therapy. It ended up being over a year long therapy session. I had no intention of ever entering it in a competition but as I neared completion I thought why not! I am finding that my favorite part of the quiltmaking process is adding hand details, i.e. applique, beading and embroidery. Each time I thought it was complete I would come up with something else to add. The name is Spanish for blueberry."
MarilynLidstromLarson InspiredbyAlice  44"x44"  Winner of $1,000.00 for 1st Place: Traditional, Wall, Applique: "The starting point to my quilt design was a block by Nancy Mahoney published in QNM, June/July 2011; part of the "Garden Delight" pattern. This block became the corners of the border. Using similar floral and leaf shapes I designed the remainder of the order. The Dresden Plate pattern is EQ generated. My grandmother Alice had made a Dresden quilt which inspired me to develop patchwork and appliqué skills." LaureTigner CameoRose  57"x57"   Winner of $1,000.00 for 1st Place: Traditional, Wall, Other: "My mother in law gave me two small traditional cameo pins of beautiful women. I loved the look of the carving and decided to try to duplicate that look in a fairly traditional wholecloth quilt. This was the result!" MargaretSolomanGunn TheJester'sFolly  38"x38"   Winner of $1,000.00 for 1st Place: Traditional, Wall, Pieced: "Made using over a dozen shades of hand dyed silk Radiance, this quilt is reminiscent of carnival. Accents of hot pink and blue create a playful look for this otherwise subdued palate. All quilting motifs are original and hand-guided."